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Back to School: 2021 Bookings

We are very excited to once again partner with many of our area schools - welcoming back students, parents and staff for the start of the 2021-22 school year!

Please review this year's back to school packages and complete the booking form below to get on our calendar.  These will be on a first come, first serve basis - and some of the packages (especially #2) are in limited quantities.

This page is exclusively for schools - if you should want to book a Back to School sign for your kids, please use utilize our usual booking form.

Other important items:

  • INSTALLATION & RENTAL LENGTH: We will install the day prior to the beginning of school and leave up for the first week of school (up to 5 week days unless requested otherwise).

  • PRICING: These packages are at a greatly reduced rate only available to our schools - our typical 36-40 hr. rental is $85+tax. Due to demand, we will not reduce pricing for bookings that do not need 5 full days.

  • PAYMENT: We typically require payment 24 hours prior to installation, but do waive this requirement for schools as they often cut checks only once per month.

  • EXTRA MILEAGE: Packages rates are based on delivery within Catawba County/Hickory - additional charges ($3-10) may apply for celebrations outside of Catawba County still within our stated territory.

  • SETUP SPOT: We will set up your greeting in the yard's most visible and installation-friendly spot. Please let us know of any specific location requests (example: set up on an angle on our corner lot.).

  • WEATHER: Unless of severe thunderstorm/lightning, the signs will be setup in rain or shine.  If unable to setup due to severe weather, we will attempt to come back early in the morning hopefully under better conditions.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We graciously appreciate schools tagging us via their social media channels: @signgypsieshickory (Facebook) or @signgypsieshickorync (instagram).


Package #1



Package #2



Package #3


Package #4


Back to School Booking FORM

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